Yaktrax Walker & Pro

Yaktrax Ice Safety Traction Device

Keep those you love safe on ice and packed snow this winter.

Many elderly people become effectively housebound in icy conditions through fear of accidents. Yaktrax is a simple device that can be put on over their existing shoes or boots to give a safe grip on icy pavements.

Are you a regular jogger?  Why give up because there’s ice on the ground?  Yaktrax gives you a grip on packed ice and snow that allows you to walk and run as you would normally.

Essential for urban dog walkers. Deep snow in the park isn’t the problem, its the ice on the pavements, paths and car-park where the majority of accidents occur.


  • Yaktrax are made out of an injection moulded thermal plastic elastomer designed for easy on and off.
  • The coils are protected against rusting and hand-wound to give you 360 degrees of traction on ice and snow.
  • When you walk in the Yaktrax Walker or Pro, every step you take places hundreds of biting edges in direct contact with the ice beneath your feet.
  • Yaktrax can be worn in temperatures as low as -41 degrees farenheit.
  • The Walker is the original version of Yaktrax and is ideal for pedestrians, the elderly, business people or anyone who want greater stability on ice and snow.
  • Use the Yaktrax Walker while walking to and from work, school or just to the postbox.
  • Yaktrax Walker are designed for people who are looking for an easy-to-use, lightweight traction device for their shoes.
  • The patented design of the Walker makes it a unique solution to walking on packed snow and ice. The outer band conforms to the length and width of your boot or shoe.
  • The high strength horizontal coils provide forward and backward stability.  The vertical coil pattern provide side-to-side stability.
  • The Yaktrax Pro is ideal for the person needing increased durability while working, running or enjoying outdoor activities during the winter months. It is equipped with a removable performance strap that was designed for stability.
  • The Pro still has the same simple design and effectiveness as the Walker with the unique 360 degrees of traction with every step you take.