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Reduce the risk of slipping on ice!

Yaktrax®, “named after the Tibetan yak”, are light-weight ice grips worn over your regular walking shoes, winter boots, jogging or running shoes when walking on packed snow and ice in winter.

There is no better way to prevent accidents caused by slips and falls on ice.

Conditions Underfoot

Yaktrax® ice grips are designed to be used on packed snow and ice.  They need a layer of ice to bite into to be effective.


You can wear Yaktrax® in temperatures as low as -40C/-41F as they are designed to be used in the harshest winters.


Yaktrax® are unisex.  The US sizing shows Men’s and Women’s sizings but EU/UK sizing is unisex.  See our Size Chart.

Young and Old

Special considerations apply for the very young and the elderly.  See the American Geriatrics Society report and our FAQ page.

Dog Walking

Yaktrax® ice grips are ideal for dog walker, but make sure you wear the correct size, fit them correctly and have read our FAQ.

Winter Sports

See individual product descriptions to see which of the Yaktrax® products available in the UK are best for your chosen sport.