Yaktrax & Specialist Ltd

The Yaktrax website is part of Specialist Ltd which, as the name suggests, focuses on niche market products.  The company is owned and run by the Francis family from their base in Surrey and includes another niche market business, wholly unrelated to ice safety, www.galensgarden.co.uk.

Selling ice grips was something we ‘fell into’ when we couldn’t find anything in the UK to keep us safe on icy pavements as we walked our dog to the local park.  After weeks of internet research in the autumn of 2003, Belinda found Yaktrax in the US and the company agreed to supply us for resale in the UK.  Although we could just have bought a few pairs for ourselves, family and friends, we decided the product was so important and so good, that we had to try to sell them in the UK.

Yaktrax International

Yaktrax is a registered trade mark and patented product of Yaktrax LLC  which is in turn owned by Implus LLC who have their EU headquarters in France as detailed on the packaging.

Information on Specialist Ltd’s web site www.yaktrax.uk are the opinions of Specialist Ltd and may not reflect those of either the manufacturers Yaktrax LLC or its owners Implus LLC