Yaktrax Size Chart

Photo copyright Specialist Ltd

Understanding the Yaktrax® Size Chart

There is a guide to sizing on the packet which shows the EU shoe size range for the various Yaktrax® product sizes, XS, S. M, L and XL.

Footwear sizing is based on the inside fit of the shoe or boot to our feet.  As Yaktrax® fit on the outside of the footwear, it is the actual footprint or circumference that is relevant when you choose the correct size.

A ladies casual shoe and a men’s working boot may share the same EU footwear size and yet have quite different footprint circumferences.

In our experience, it is this circumference that provides the most accurate guide to the best fit.

Extra SmallSmallMediumLargeExtra Large
EU Shoe Size
34-37 38-40 41-43 44-4646+
∅ in cm48-58 cm
58-64 cm 64-72 cm 72-76 cm 76-82 cm
∅ in inches19-23 inches23-25 inches25-28 inches28-30 inches30-32 inches
Walk OnlyNot available in Walk

Yaktrax® ice grips have the ability to stretch by around 6cm.  The Yaktrax® Size Chart shows the minimum and maximum circumference as measured in the photo.

The footprint circumference in our Yaktrax® Size Chart is often more accurate than shoe size alone.  Measure in a loop around the outside edge of shoe or boot, as shown, where the Yaktrax® naturally grip the outside edge of the footwear.

If buying the Yaktrax® Pro and wearing hi-domed footwear such as steel-toe-capped safety boots, please buy the larger of the two suitable sizes if the footwear circumference is where the Yaktrax® sizes overlap, 64cm, 72cm or 76cm.


Why size is important

Too large and there is a risk of the Yaktrax® falling off and being lost or acting as a trip hazard.  If the Yaktrax® are too small, they could become over-stretched and develop weak points which snap.  If the size of Yaktrax® is too large for the footwear, the coils could extend beyond of the shoe or boot.

It is also important to know how to wear your Yaktrax® correctly as shown in our illustrated Fitting guide.  We also recommend you check out our FAQ section before use.