Wearing Yaktrax® – A Guide to Proper Use

Yaktrax® Must Be Worn Correctly

While Yaktrax® are designed to provide greater traction on ice or packed snow, always exercise caution and use extreme care when walking, running, or working on ice and packed snow. Yaktrax® will not eliminate the inherent risks of such conditions. Additionally, Yaktrax® will not eliminate the inherent risks and dangers posed by the performance of any activities in such conditions.

When wearing Yaktrax®, always exercise caution and extreme care. Failure to do so could result in injury.

Yaktrax® are not for use on gravel, concrete, or sanded roads cleared of snow.

Avoid surfaces such as marble floors, or any non-icy, non-snowy surfaces when wearing Yaktrax®.

Yaktrax® are not for indoor use.

The improper use or installation of Yaktrax® could result in injury.

Always use common sense when using any traction device on ice or snow.


Make sure you have put your Yaktrax® ice grips on correctly before setting out on your journey.

Incorrect fitting can cause damage to the Yaktrax® as well as causing them to ‘ping’ off and get lost.

Wearing Yaktrax® correctly

The Yaktrax name and logo should be visible on the toe and heel when wearing your Yaktrax ice grips

The words “Heel” and “Toe” should be hidden on the inside surface of the Yaktrax®.

They are there as a guide when you put on your Yaktrax®.
If those words are visible on the outer surface when you’re wearing your Yaktrax®, they are inside out!

Wearing Yaktrax® Pro on boots fitted correctly

Yaktrax Pro fitted correctly

Poor fitting of Yaktrax® can lead to their loss or damage

When wearing Yaktrax® the Yaktrax® coils should sit flat on the sole of the shoe or boot.

The outer band of the Yaktrax® should grip the entire outside edge of the footwear.

If you are wearing Yaktrax® Pro the strap end should be on the outer edge of the foot.

Wearing Yaktrax® that are badly fitted is dangerous How NOT to fit your Yaktrax®.

The coils should not protrude beyond the edge of the footwear, and the rubber edge should be on the side of the boot, not under it.

If your Yaktrax® look like the image above you must adjust them immediately to avoid loss or damage.

Make sure the knob underneath is protruding. If not you are wearing your Yaktrax® inside out If Yaktrax® are worn inside-out this will cause damage

Check that the small circular knob is visible on the surface of the Yaktrax®, like the image bottom right.

If it is flat, like the image above on the left it will not protect the coils.

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