Yaktrax Ice Grips FAQ

Safe use of Yaktrax Walker & Yaktrax Pro

I don't understand your sizing. How do I work out what size Yaktrax I need?

We’ve developed our own size chart which we hope is easier to use and more accurate than the one on the packet.   Yaktrax come from the US, where they have translated the US sizing into EU equivalent and printed them on the packet.  However…. our personal experience is that the product sizing listed on the packets is on the small side.

Extra Small:  From  UK 12 (EU 30) to UK 4 (EU 36) 50cm – 58cm footprint circumference (Available in Walker Black only)

Small: From UK 4 (EU36) to  UK 6½ (EU 40)  58cm – 64cm footprint circumference

Medium:  From UK 6 (EU 39) to UK 9 (EU 43)  64cm – 72cm footprint circumference

Large:  From UK 9 (EU 43) to UK 12 (EU 47)  72cm – 76cm footprint circumference

Extra Large:  From UK 11 (EU 46) to UK 14 (EU 49) 76cm – 82cm footprint circumference  (Available in Pro only)

As you can see from the list above, there is come overlap in the sizes.  This is because some size 6 boots can have a greater circumference than some size 6½ ladies shoes.  The same applies to size 9 shoes and boots.

Is there a right or a wrong way to wear Yaktrax?

YES. It is possible, though inadvisable, to wear them inside-out, upside-down or back-to-front. All of which may damage the product.

If not worn correctly so that the rubber band sits tightly around the circumference of the foot, they may ‘ping off’, and have been known to end up in trees!

We have created an illustrated guide to the correct use of Yaktrax to make it clearer.

Do I have to take my Yaktrax off when I go into shops or indoors?

YES. It is dangerous to wear Yaktrax on any indoor smooth surface such as tiles, wooden floors, and especially the flooring used in shopping centres and on kitchen floors.

When walking on such surfaces whilst wearing Yaktrax the risk of slipping and falling is even greater walking on ice without Yaktrax on.

What will happen if I wear the Yaktrax on other surfaces?

It is very dangerous to wear Yaktrax on polished or shiny indoor surfaces such as vinyl, linoleum, tiles, marble, or polished wooden floors. You are likely to slip badly if wearing Yaktrax on those kinds of surfaces.

Soft surfaces may also be scratched by the Yaktrax.  Carpets with looped pile and coils do not mix on safety grounds because there is a risk that the end of a coil, or a coil itself, could get caught in the loops.  Gravel can easily get caught up in the coils causing damage to the Yaktrax.

Walking on hard concrete, tarmac or other surface will cause the coils to bite into the supporting matrix and will also cause damage to the Yaktrax.  Yaktrax are designed only to be worn on ice or packed snow.

I have to walk from ice covered ground and then onto areas with no snow cover.

Unless you spend the bulk of your time walking on surfaces covered with packed snow or ice, we recommend either removing the Yaktrax when on concrete/tarmac or mud, or staying as far as possible on ice covered ground.

Rutted ground, even under a layer of ice or packed snow, risks bending the coils of the Yaktrax and is best avoided.

Alternatively you could wear ice grips with studs or spikes instead. Spikes will also get worn down through being worn on hard surfaces but they are more durable under those conditions, even if they are not all as stable on the ice itself.

Are there any other icy conditions where I need to take extra care?

The only time you need to take extra care on ice when using Yaktrax applies whatever footwear or ice grip protection you are using.  Broken sheet ice with slush or water underneath in thawing conditions will always be like slipping on a banana skin

Do Yaktrax work on black ice?

NO.  They need ice to grip into that is at least 50% of the depth of the metal coils.  The best way to protect yourself on black ice is probably  to paint a mixture of rubber roof paint and coarse sand on the sole of a pair of outdoor footwear that you are not particularly attached to!

Alternatively a grit based ice grip like the Sandy affords some protection on black ice, although only on the toe, so you need to take care to avoid the more common ‘heel slips’

Will Yaktrax stop me slipping on mud?

NO.  Yaktrax are designed to be worn only on packed snow or ice.  They are not suitable for use on mud, unless of course it is frozen and covered in packed snow or ice.  For use on both ice and mud, we would recommend an alternative product such as IceSpike screw in ice cleats.

Can I buy the Yaktrax Pro strap to turn my Yaktrax Walker into a pair of Yaktrax Pro?

NO.  The Yaktrax Pro has moulded loops through which the strap is threaded, which the Yaktrax Walker does not.  You can certainly remove the strap from Yaktrax Pro so it is as easy to put on and take of as the Yaktrax Walker, but you would not be able to use the Yaktrax Pro strap on the Yaktrax Walkler as it does not have the moulded loops.