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Yaktrax Pro ice grips have stronger coils and a retaining strap which goes over the top of the footwear for extra security.

The Pro is ideal for running or jogging on packed snow and ice.  Runners in the Baikal Ice Marathon put Yaktrax Pro to the test running a whole marathon over a frozen lake in Russia.  Often running on sheet ice, they were pleased with the grip and feel of Yaktrax Pro.

IMPORTANT – Never wear Yaktrax indoors. Risk of slipping on smooth floors if wearing Yaktrax. Only for use on packed snow and ice.

See Size Chart, Yaktrax Proper Use and Yaktrax FAQ

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Yaktrax Pro are perfect for outdoor workers who spend a long time working outside when conditions are icy underfoot.  They are also a firm favourite with regular runners and joggers, dog walkers and those with a long walk to work.

Yaktrax Pro Safety

IMPORTANT – Never wear Yaktrax indoors.  Risk of slipping on smooth floors if wearing Yaktrax.  Only for use on packed snow and ice.  See Yaktrax Proper Use and Yaktrax FAQ

  • Yaktrax Pro are made from natural rubber with 1.4mm high- strength abrasion resistant coils made from 70% recycled metal..
  • Yaktrax Pro are light weight, from 145gm – 155gm depending on size.
  • When you walk in the Yaktrax Pro, every step you take places hundreds of biting edges in direct contact with the ice beneath your feet giving you 360 degree traction.
  • Yaktrax can be worn in temperatures as low as -41 degrees farenheit. The patented design of Yaktrax makes it a unique solution to walking on packed snow and ice. The outer band conforms to the length and width of your boot or shoe.
  • The high strength horizontal coils provide forward and backward stability.
  • The vertical coil pattern provide side-to-side stability.
  • The Yaktrax Pro is ideal for the person needing increased durability while working, running or enjoying outdoor activities on ice or packed snow during the winter months. It is equipped with a removable performance strap that was designed for stability.

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